ALL-NATURAL IS TRULY A BADGE OF HONOR FOR US. All of our products are made with pure ingredients. It has always been this way. Why? If you think about it, in order for products to have any nutritional value, a company must first have high moral values. It’s about making the right choices. We wouldn’t think of doing anything less for our consumers.

• Trans Fats: Simply put, we have never used these in our products, and we never will. We find it ironic that the very companies that have been poisoning their consumers for years are now suddenly waving the healthy banner on their products.

• Artificial Colors: If a color doesn’t exist in nature, it definitely doesn’t belong in your body. We don’t buy the argument that artificial colors make snacks more appealing to the eye. Do you? We didn’t think so. Food should taste good, and be good for you. There’s an old adage “eat with your eyes,” but we don’t believe this should come at the expense of the rest of your body.

• Kosher: Most of our products are Kosher-certified as indicated by RCC stamp. This guarantees that the processing and the ingredients used in our products meet the Kosher rules. And for those not abiding by these special requirements, it is an assurance that there has been a separation of the processing of dairy and non-dairy products, and no animal ingredients are included.

• Food Allergies: All of our facilities are free of peanuts and peanut derivatives like peanut oil. 6 to 7 million Americans suffer from some kind of food allergies (about 2% of the population), but children have a much higher percentage (as much as 6% of the population) of food allergies. The eight major groups recognized by the FDA are crustacean, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans and wheat. Some children will outgrow their food allergies, but sadly anaphylaxis episodes can be fatal. The most common food allergy in children is peanuts. This is why we are committed to being peanut-free.

• Gluten: Celiac disease is another common and sometimes very serious food allergy. This is why we process all wheat items, such as our pretzels, at a separate facility, so there is no potential for cross-contamination.

• Dairy: Our dairy and non-dairy items are never mixed on the same processing equipment until it has been thoroughly cleaned. This also removes the risk of cross-contamination.

• MSG: Although not recognized officially as an allergen by the FDA, there are a number of reported negative reactions to MSG. Other companies would like you to believe that it is a “flavor enhancer” or a “sodium enhancer.” We believe flavor should only come from natural flavors. It is more expensive, but would not give anything to you that we would not feed our own family.