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Review Delicious Vanilla Crisps by Baked Classics®

MARCH 7th 2012

The generous people from Baked Classics sent me a case of their yummy Vanilla Frosting Baked Classic Multigrain Crisps to try out!

The first thing I did when I opened the bag (as I always do when I eat something) is smell them. Please don't ask me why I do that, honestly I don't understand why either, it is just one of my strange habits I picked up long ago. Lo and behold my sense of smell was filled with that sweet vanilla scent!

Let me tell you, these were alot tastier than a sugar cookie, which is what they tasted like to me! They were all sweetness, and were crunchy enough, but not hard! My kids also enjoyed these, and absolutely loved me for getting them such delicious "chips"! I really loved the fact that they weren't unhealthy and loaded with trans fat and a bunch of ingredients I couldn't pronounce, and also that they were multigrain (but no need to tell the kids that!)

I do have to warn you though, one taste of these and you won't want to stop! As I was munching on these, I was thinking goodness, why didn't I try these out sooner?! I am now addicted to these bags of vanilla yumminess!

I also really loved the design of the bags, they were very simple yet eye catching!

I definitely recommend these as a snack or even a dessert to anyone who is looking for a more healthy option that still has great flavor to go with it!

I also recommend these to any mom out there, I promise your kiddos will love these just as much as mine did!

Overall I give Classic Foods two humongous thumbs up for making such a unique, delicious, and less fattening treat for me and my family to enjoy!