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NEED SOME NUTRITIONAL INSIGHT? Want more information about Balance Foods’ products? This is where you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers. We hope the answers you find here will satisfy your curiosity. If not, please submit all inquiries on the Feedback page.


General Questions

Where are Balance Foods products sold?
For information on where to find our products, please e-mail us or call us at 800.574.8122.

Are Balance Foods products Kosher certified?
Many of our products are indeed. While we only use ingredients that are Kosher certified, not all the plants are certified. To be certain, please look for the RCC symbol on our product packages.

Is there wheat gluten in Balance Foods products?
No, there is no wheat gluten in the manufacturing of our products.

Do Balance Foods products contain any MSG?
BalanceFoods products do not contain any MSG. We’re aware that MSG causes allergies and sensitivities for many people. We believe good flavor can be achieved the old-fashioned way: Using all-natural ingredients.


Questions about Kettle Classics® potato chips

How do you make Kettle Classics® so crunchy?
Kettle Classics® potatoes are sliced far thicker than ordinary chips. Then we cook them very slowly to seal in their flavor and create that extraordinary classic crunch.

Why does Kettle Classics® fat content appear higher than other brands?
Don’t be fooled by other labels. Kettle Classics® are definitely not higher in fat. In fact, due to our innovative cooking process, they actually contain less fat than ordinary chips. You see some of our competitors claim to have a lower fat content because they are dividing up the fat content of the bag into many servings, thereby giving the false impression that they have a lower fat content.

What is the difference between Kettle Classics® potato chips and other chips?
It’s something you might notice as soon as you open a bag – the fresh aroma of all-natural ingredients. When you grab a chip, there’s a substance to it. That’s because we slice our potatoes into generous thick cuts and cook them slowly in natural oils for an extraordinary crunch. It’s a special family recipe that gives these chips a distinct texture and taste that can’t be duplicated.

I am allergic to some chemicals. Can I have Kettle Classics® Potato Chips?
We do not use any preservatives, colorings, MSG, peanut oil or hydrogenated oils. However, if you’re allergic to certain ingredients like garlic, basil, peppers, and /or onions, then regrettably, you should not eat some of our products.

What flavors are Kettle Classics® available in?
Kettle Classics™ are currently available in seven flavors: Natural, BBQ, Jalapeno, Salt and Vinegar, Dill Pickle, Cracked Pepper, Parmesan and Garlic, and Tomato Basil.


Questions about Baked Classics® popped crisps

How are Baked Classics® made?
Baked Classics start out as pellets. These pellets are made with either potatoes or a multigrain blend. Heat is applied to the pellet, then pop! A light, airy crisp is formed. Then we season them with our savory flavors and they are ready to enjoy.

What are Baked Classics®?
Baked Classics popped crisps are a healthy alternative snack to traditional fried potato chips. But don’t be fooled, these popped crisps are packed with flavor, so you don’t have to sacrifice taste.


Questions about Stoned Classics® tortilla chips

What is the difference between organic tortilla chips and tortilla chips made with organic corn?
Stoned Classics® Organic Blue Corn and Natural (yellow corn) tortilla chips are all organic. Everything down to the salt and oils used to make our tortilla chips are organic.

Stoned Classics® Spinach Artichoke & Cheese and Black Bean Jalapeno are made with organic yellow corn. Even though the seasonings are not Certified Organic, the Spinach Artichoke & Cheese and Black Bean Jalapeno flavors still contain approximately 90% Certified Organic ingredients.

Why are they called Stoned Classics®?
To make Stoned Classics, we start by using the whole corn kernel, which is cooked then ground between two stones to give it a natural texture. Made using traditional methods, these tortilla chips are made with 100% whole grains and organic yellow corn.


Questions about California Classics™ school snacks

Why aren’t California Classics™ sold in stores?
California Classics™ Cheese Balls, Hot & Spicy Cheese Balls, Caramel Crunch and Apple Pie Crunch are snacks for kids that have been specially formulated to meet the strict nutritional guidelines set by most unified school districts across the United States. Because of this, California Classics can only be purchased in school cafeterias and student stores.

Where can I buy California Classics™?
California Classics can also be purchased on our website. Click here to buy now.

Are California Classics™ made in a nut-free facility?
Yes, California Classics are produced in a facility that does not contain nuts.  They also contain:

  • No preservatives
  • No trans fats
  • No MSG
  • No Gluten
  • No high fructose corn syrup