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WHEN YOU CARRY BALANCE FOODS PRODUCTS, YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO INCREASE THE VALUE OF EVERY SALE. With Kettle Classics®, Baked Classics®, Stoned Classics® and California Classics™, we offer more ways to satisfy your patrons’ hunger for crunchy, satisfying, all-natural snacks. And we are constantly developing new products to add to your menu. We offer our products in large bulk sizes, small giveaway packages, and single serve bags to compliment any meal.

Our innovative products are matched by our dedicated service. We will always work to find a way to get the products you need for your store quickly. We have manufactured our products across the country, so they always arrive fresh. And to ensure that our products arrive on schedule, we work with over 300 foodservice distributors – and the list keeps growing. This provides us with the ability to ensure every foodservice client receives the highest level of service in every state.

To arrange for Balance Foods products in your restaurant, please contact:

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Available Products

Kettle Classics® 0.5oz 1.0oz 1.25oz 1.75oz or Foodservice bag (12oz)
Stoned Classics® 1.25oz or Foodservice bag (12oz)
Baked Classics® .5 oz 1 oz – Multiple Flavors
Poptillas® 1 oz – Multiple Flavors